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Are you organizing festivals? Are you looking for a cooperation partner for ride shares?



Then, our free search widget could be the right one for you. The widget is easy to integrate and the festival with the right date is already preset. The widget is responsive, so it fits in every browser window size (including mobile ones).



If your festival visitors share their cars:


   you will need less parking space


   the traffic during arrival and departure will reduce


   and the residents of the neighbouring towns will be relieved.


Additionally, you and your visitors help to keep our planet green (or even make it greener).




Sounds good to you? Get in touch with tom@fahrfahraway.de for more information.




These festivals are already using our search widget:



Acoustic Lakeside   AgratAmAgatha    Alínæ Lumr   Artlake   At The B-Sites   Balaton Sound

Benicàssim Electrònic Festival   Bergfunk   Burning Eagle   Electric Love   Electrisize   Feel

Festland   Freiluftfestival Usedom   Haldern Pop   Happiness   Heimspiel Knyphausen   Her damit

Immergut   Indiebase   Kaltern Pop   Kinkerlitzchen   MADville   Maifeld Derby

Melt   Mission Ready   NoName   Oewerall   Orange Blossom Special   Pangea

Rocco del Schlacko   Rocken am Brocken   Rock The Hill   Sacred Ground   Seesucht   Singoldsand

Sound Of The Forest   Splash!   Stuttgart-Festival   Sziget   Tag am Meer   Und ab geht die Lutzi!

 UrbanArt! HipHop   Wilde Möhre   Zugvøgel